The Organizer School – Gimnazija Bežigrad

Gimnazija Bežigrad has for years been the school with the best matura (Slovenian standardized exam) results and one of the top grammar schools in Central Europe. It has a long-standing tradition, being founded in 1596 as a Jezuit institution. Over the years it was restructured and renamed several times until finally receiving the name it bears today in the year 1990.

Today it offers a national educational program “gimnazija”, as well as the International Baccalaureate program. The combination of national and international students creates a unique environment in which many different cultures, beliefs, and outlooks on the world are represented, resulting in a perfect atmosphere for the exchange of opinions and learning from one another.

As our school is also an international school, one of the values important to us is knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, making us ideal for the organization of international events such as MUN conferences. Our students possess exceptionally good English skills, making any kind of difficulties with communication virtually impossible.