Our history

Model United Nations has a long tradition at Gimnazija Bežigrad. Our students have participated at some of the most respected MUN conferences in Europe, winning many awards and honors every year. In recent years we have also hosted several conferences ourselves, which were very well received and attended by students from most major Slovenian High Schools. This year we are planning to build on our legacy and offer a higher level of MUN experience, as well as, for the first time, international participation.

Our MUN Club is unique, as it is being led by students, offering them an opportunity to practice their leadership skills in the real world. In practice that means, that students are encouraged to bring fresh ideas to the table and create the MUN experience they want. This way our Club manages to keep up with the time, allowing every new generation of students to be the change they want to see in MUN. Students are assisted and advised by two faculty members, Ms. Andreja Piškur Vodopivec, who teaches English and Ms. Irena Česnik, a history teacher. They assist students with their preparations for the conferences and help them with realizing their ideas as well as ensuring smooth communication with the school faculty.