Our history

Model United Nations is a longstanding tradition at Gimnazija Bežigrad. Our students have participated in MUN conferences for over a decade now and have won many awards and honors in some of the most prestigious conferences in Europe. Over the years we have hosted a few conferences of our own, with the last one being the first in our history with international participation. This year, we plan on expanding our legacy on an international level and offering a higher level of MUN, not only when it comes to hosting international delegates but also guest speakers.

Our Model UN club is led by students, and it offers the opportunity to not only explore diplomacy, but also offers an opportunity for students to practice their leadership skills in the real world. Due to its flexibility and many members our MUN club always has many fresh ideas, and it allows our students to create the MUN experience they want. Every new generation of students has the opportunities to be the change that they would like to see in our MUN club. Our club has two mentors who advise and assists students, Ms. Andreja Piškur Vodopivec, who teaches English and Ms. Irena Česnik, a history teacher. They assist students with their preparations for the conferences and help them run the club smoothly.